CARRIE UNDERWOOD: "Thank you so much for STARTING NOW! I love it XOXO"

RALPH MURPHY vice president of ASCAP: “You’re just as good as the best writers on music row…”
HILARY DUFF: “I LOVE IT J!” In regards to Just a Little Kiss written and produced by Jason

JOHN SHANKS: legendary Grammy winning producer of the year 2006: “Your music just keeps suprising me. Every song’s like a movie where new things happen in every scene – really incredible.”

BARBARA MANDRELL: “I just met the most amazing young man! Jason you are simply adorable!”

LAYNE STAYLEY: the late great front man of ALICE IN CHAINS: "If it weren't for you, I never would have made it bro"

TOM PETTY: “Hey man, thanks you've done a lot for us”

ANDY SUMMERS: Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Guitar Player For the POLICE: “Alright Jason, thanks for everything. Can’t wait to see you in Vancouver. We’ll have some fun.”

HOWARD BENSEN: legendary producer of 12 number 1 songs and producer of the year 2005: “You’ve been a big help. If there’s anything I can do for you in LA, just give me a call.”

REBA MCENTIRE: “So gald to have met you Jason, and thanks for all your help.” Then she kissed me!!

GLENN FREY: “Thanks for taking care of us (The Eagles) tonight!”

STEVE MILLER: “This is some good stuff. Thanks a lot Jas.”

JACK TEMCHIN: songwriter with the The Eagles “Hey Jason, teach me more about my songs.”

DOUG JOHNSON president of CURB records and Hit Songwriter: : “You’ve been a blessing Jason. If there’s anything you need just ask me.”

KELSEY GRAMMER: “You’re a blast J. You might even be a bigger fan of the Police than me. See you soon!”

JOSH GROBAN: “Thank you Jason Brawner for Miracle of My Life” written and produced by Jason and Robert Berry

ANDRE PESSIS: Writer of 15 huge hit songs and nearly 30 million records sold: "The people at this conference just got their moneys worth for the weekend with what you just taught them with that lecture. I loved it!"
KY FLEMMING: songwriting hall of famer: “Jason, you are a life saver! I feel really comfortable with you. Can’t wait to see you in Nashville.”
STEVE SESKIN: writer of 7 number 1 singles " How refreshing to hear young female artists with powerful songs and great sounding vocals using their talent to speak out against abuse of women ."

IAN CROMBIE: president of Westcoast Songwriters Association: What an amazing project. A great sounding record whose purpose is to bring attention to, and support, an organization that helps abused women. Strong songs too! Way to Go Jason and all the artists and songwriters on this record”

RANDY SHARP hit writer with over 3 million radio plays: “Your songs are great! Each one is better than the last. You really know how to write a bridge, and that’s kind of rare.”

FRANK ROGERS huge Nashville producer: “I love your productions, let's talk about when you can come work for me?”
GARY BURR Songwrting Hall of Famer: ‘ I really appreciate you taking the the time to get it right. That’s really cool.”
GARY PHIL Rock and Roll hall of Fame guitar player for BOSTON: “It sounds like you really know your stuff. It was really nice meeting you.”

DAVID LOUSER Drummer for Sammy Hagar and Night Ranger: “Hey man, you want to sit in? I can move over.”

EDDIE MONEY: “Awesome man, thanks for thinking of Jess”